STAR WARS - Adventures of the Last Archangel

Shaak Life - Part 1

The adventure properly started this week with the crew of The Last Archangel taking their cargo to Geonosis.

An astrogation mishap leaving Bespin threw them into the asteroid field near Hoth and their ship took some serious battering before they escaped only to then get boarded by Imperial customs. Fortunately the Imperials did not recognise that some of the droid parts they were carrying were in fact highly illegal, but fined them for lack of ship manifest.

They met their contact in a shady cantina called The Hive, but upon returning to their ship several thugs had broke into their ship. The thugs were fought off, but a shady looking Devronian who had been skulking at the back of the bay escaped. Oddly the thugs had taken nothing but had opend wall panels and cut open seat cushions while apparently ignoring their cargo.

Were the thugs looking for something?
Who was the previous owner of The Last Archangel?
And who was the Devronian?



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