STAR WARS - Adventures of the Last Archangel

Shaak Life - Part 4

The Last Archangel lands in Mos Shuuta and the crew head to meet Wonga the Hutt who has taken over the town from Teemo.

The PCs trade information about Gavikk, the unscrupulous Mayor on Garqi who is making money from smuggling, but cutting out the Hutts. For the info they want Wonga to help them sell their cargo of livestock.

While Wonga the Hutt considered his options he put on some entertainment, a Duro slave was made to fight a Nexu in the Palace gladiator arena. The Duro put up a good fight but eventually lost, and lost an arm in the fight before Wonga had the Nexu dragged off.

Impressed with the Duro, who was a Bounty Hunter sold to the Hutt as a slave, Wonga offers him a deal. Work for Wonga and kill Gavikk,and in turn the hutt would help him get revenge on those that sold him as a slave. The Duro agrees and joins The Last Archangel crew.

Arriving back at Garqi The Last Archangel in intercepted by two TIE Fighters. A space battle commences but the smugglers destroy the TIEs and then head to the planet.

Returning to the planet Garqi the PCs make an alliance with the Outcasts and the farmers and prepare to assault the mansion owned by the corrupt mayor Gavikk.

The PCs get betrayed by one of the farmers and head into a trap. But they go in guns blazing and in a final shoot-out Gavikk is killed.

It’s now down to Wonga the Hutt to hammer out a deal with Imperial Governor Aulus Niall.



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