Dressellian smuggler


Callahan is a veteran smuggler. Plenty of people have heard of him but few know him, or even what he looks like. The mark a good smuggler. Callahan can seemingly shift any goods past even the most stringent of spaceport securities. He’s a well spoken man with good manners. He can deal with Hutts or Imperials with equal charm. He trusts few people, but few people don’t trust Callahan. One person he does trust is Rees-Yum, his Gran co-pilot. The pair have been together for many years. Communication between them is even silent at times they know each other that well.

For several years now Callahan has been on the payroll of the Hutts and has associated with the Phoenix pirates frequently. Amongst his many talents Callahan is also an excellent fence and info-merchant. Callahan is often in the company of Zaltar, who he most certainly does not trust.


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