STAR WARS - Adventures of the Last Archangel

Trip to Malastare

I soon plan to run the published Beyond the Rim adventures, but I have a quick filler adventure idea; basically I want to run a Pod Race. So I bought some old Pod Racer micro machines online, but they didn’t turn up in time. So instead I ran a filler. A filler for the filler.

The PC’s are en route to Malastare with Gasanjo, a Xexto Pod Racer. Their job is to protect him from death threats, believed to be from another Pod Racer.

Now, when I introduced Gasanjo I described him as a short alien and had him remove his goggles. To which a player says, “like Scotty’s mate (Keenser) in Star Trek.” I said, “no, like Gasgano from The Phantom Menace.” To which the ribbing began, “you’re having us on, ie’s the guy from Star Trek isn’t it.”

To which, the next day, I tagged the following picture to all the players.


They still insist he the alien from Star Trek.

Oh, and none of the above has any reference to the filler episode I ran this week. The PCs fluffed their Astrogation roll, which was perfect for what I had planned.

During the journey the ship suffered power loss, except for the hyperdrive. The PCs were attacked by shadows and saw eerie images, one of a skeleton in the pilots chair. Eventually the PCs realise the hyperspace malfunction has caused them to encounter echoes from the future, their future selves if they were to be trapped on the ship in hyperspace for the rest of their lives.

The PCs manage to fix the hyperdrive and force the ship out of hyperspace.



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