STAR WARS - Adventures of the Last Archangel

Shaak Life - Part 3

Trying to sell their smuggled livestock on Garqi gets the attention of the local Mayor, Gavik, who is little more than a thug who is in league with the local Imperial Governor. After a confrontation there is a shoot-out in the cantina but Gavik escapes.

The group make plans, then realise that a protection/smuggling rackett is information they could make credits from, especially if such information were to get to the Hutts.

Before they can meet up with Barney (the Trandoshan PC) who was in the ship one of the PCs, the doctor, gets kidnapped. Okay, this was a plot influenced from Firefly episode ‘Safe’. The doctor is wanted to heal some sick locals who Gavik has kicked out of the town, it turns out the disease that wiped out the livestock may be spreading to humans, and Gavik is behind it.

The doctor chooses to leave The Last Archangel and stay to help the sick* while the rest of the party head to Tatooine to inform the Hutts about Gaviks operation.

  • Player decided his PC wasn’t working so this was a good opportunity to write him out without killing him off. A new crew member will join The Last Archangel next time.



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