STAR WARS - Adventures of the Last Archangel

The Ugly Dug Ball - Part 1

Arriving at Malastare The Last Archangel lands at Secula, the spaceport toen hosting the Dug Derby Pod Race. The groups client, the pod racer Galanjo (hereafter referred to as Keenser) unlads his Pod Racer and the group head to their garage in the pit lane.
The crew are soon approached by a Nikto and two Weequay who escort them to see their employer Wonga the Hutt. Wonga makes it clear he wants the race to go off without a hitch with all competitors, and he wants to know who is trying to sabotage the race.
Tanizanda Fellswoop also negotiates to repay some of his debt to Wonga by way of entering the Pod Race himself.

The Crew return to the pit lane. The pits are busy with other competitors as well as celebrity guests and media. Two fans enter, they are dressed in Pod Racer t-shirts but their demeanor is wrong and they are unfazed when Barny tries to intimidate them. They ask questions about a smuggler known as Torm; Tanizanda Fellswoop shares what he knows, but that is very little.

No sooner have the two strangers left Torm walks in, all smiles, asking the crew for help. Torm won’t share what he is up to other than he is looking for the pirate Klatak, and that the two looking for him were Imperials looking for both him and Klatak. Torm offers the crew contact info for several Shadow Ports if they help him run interferance with the Imperials, but the deal is made when he offers to get Dr. Ugavine to fix up the Pod Racer.

Jara tells R2-D0 to erase the security footage of Torm in the pit garage, but when he does so the Astro droid discovers that several communications have been made to this console form the pirate Klatak!

To be continued…



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